K-POP Masterclass ‘Shall We Dance’

On January 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th, in partnership with the group K-Pop Covers Portugal, our first K-POP Masterclass was held at the DaNinjas Dojo to master the choreography of the song ‘Shall We Dance’ from the South-Korean boy group Block B.

A Masterclass at our DaNinjas Dojo is a short pack of dance classes dedicated to learn the full version of one elected choreography. The main objective is to explore the dance technique and all the steps in detail, a little different from our Workshops.

This time, the choreography learning process was divided into four sessions. At the end, a dance video was recorded with the participants so they could have fun and show what they learned. Keep an eye on our Youtube channel to see the video soon!

Getting attention of both group members and outsiders, this event sparked a lot of curiosity and interest from outside participants to join the DaNinjas group and to participate on these lessons next time.

From our side, we can say that it was a great success and we hope to organize similar activities soon! Let us know which kind of activities would you like to see at our DaNinjas Dojo!


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